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Messed Up

Messed Up

Messed Up

One can always realize of things located far away from him, but often not realize of things placed close to him. This happens to most people in the universe. For instance, people so unaware to the cause of death that they think it is caused only by the generalized matter, ordinary and well-known causes, such as diseases, natural disasters, accidents, or sentences. However, what they don’t realize is that one of the killer and probably the root of those matters in causing death is stress. Make no mistake about it. Stress is deadly. Stress is called the silent killer because we are often not aware of its effects. Indeed, we often don’t even know that we are under stress until its too late-like finding out that we have high blood pressure, heart disease, or other serious medical problems.
We must be alerted and prepared to cope this matter in a proper way. You may feel like the stress in your life is out of your control, but you can always control the way you respond. Managing stress is all about taking charge: taking charge of your thoughts, your emotions, your schedule, your environment, and the way you deal with problems. Stress management involves changing the stressful situation when you can, changing your reaction when you can’t, taking care of yourself, and making time for rest and relaxation. You must learn to monitor yourself and to be honest about your feelings and needs. You are a human being with human feelings. You have certain strengths and talents, but you also have some limitations and weaknesses, too, therefore you must tackle them well because one of the most potent weapons at your command in the war against stress is the power of your own mind.
Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way, but if we cannot manage it well, stress may stop being helpful and starts causing major damage to human’s life. Therefore, stress is so deathful that people must beware of it. Watch out of the silent killer!


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