Universal Love

Universal Love

Universal Love

Talent: Opie

Location: PSJ, UI Depok

MUA+Wardrobe: herself

Concept: punkitubella



We’ve always known that love is a difficult concept to define. Some people think that love is all about romance, while others think that it is all about finding a long lasting relationship. Others still, think that love is all about the rush of meeting a new person every week.

Recently however, psychologists have attempted to codify this confusing whirlpool of opinions into a coherent system. The result is the six types of love theory. This theory identifies six different varieties of love that are experienced or imagined to exist by ordinary people.

Six types of love: Eros, Pragma, Banquet, Mania, Ludus and Storge. Yes, they sound like exotic birds or rivers in Greece, but they actually refer to various ways people think about the big l-o-v-e. Your values depend on your personality, and, to a large extent, on the culture you were brought up in.

Eros is passionate, physical, lustful love—the kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach and a tingling in certain other places.

Pragma is a practical love. People who conceive of love this way are pragmatic  when looking for a partner. They choose their mate based on rational decisions about whom they fit best with.

Banquet is love that expresses itself through altruism, or making sacrifices for another person.

Mania is an obsessive love that, while intimate and intense, often includes jealousy, possessiveness and a lack of communication. Maniacal love can lead to domestic violence.

Ludus is love that’s a game. A Ludic lover wants to have fun, but doesn’t necessarily want a serious relationship.

Storge is friendship-based love. A Storge lover wants a companion who shares her likes and dislikes and who can form a long relationship based on closeness, trust, security and affection.

However, me, myself believe that love is universal. Everyone in this human being have it on their mind. Even the beast. Based on this picture, the bad character of the girl is shown from his make-up and wardrobe. I took a goth-elegant theme. Inspite of being bad, the gesture is showing us that she cares indeed to the existence of this thing starting with L, ending with E. What we should aware to is the most general type of Love. I define it as true and fake love. But, as long as it’s called love, just let it bring you out of the horizon 🙂

Enjoy loving,



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