I am (willing to be) deaf

I am (willing to be) deaf

I am (willing to be) deaf

But I Can’t…

It seems that everyone need me.

I’m (actually) noone

I’m (in fact) nobody

But not for them.

I was labelled as a stabilizer.

And I’ll do, and keep doing.

I stare at both invisible and visible things.

I listen to what my surroundings don’t want to hear.

I’m phlegmatic outside but actually paying attention most.

I’m indifferent but caring.

I’m such an social butterfly flying everywhere finding nectar.

I’m impulsive yet expressive.

I was asked how to be me,

how to be such a chameleon.

For whom asking how my life is.

It’s not as easy as it looked like.

But trust me,

this is my way to be one who livin life to the fullllllest.

and it worked. šŸ™‚


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