Dolor is pain. An unpleasant and aversive feeling. I don’t mean that I dislike color. Color is breath-taking. I intended to say that why should color makes different and why should differences make argument and why should arguments keep igniting the fire. Ambiguous? No, I just let you free to define my undefined art. 🙂

Lately, I am a bit worn-out with my too full-color life, then something struck, I miss my pals, black and white. Simplicity. One word that never fails to give the affection ever. Monochrome is so me, but not my society. Anyway, in my worn-out thought and feeling of my recents deals, I slightly slip to an instant way-out to decide which current I will cut and which I will keep. Decision again. I hate the term of deciding. I hate to make priority. I want to have ’em all. Fine, you can call me greedy but that’s not in my mind. I just want everything will happen as they shud be. I resent of insistence and compulsion. I want things to go where the wind blows. Life is good yet wicked.

Relate to the main topic of me thinking that color is dolor, I’ll give you some of my undefined arts in this method of image taking. Well, the keys are slow speed and second curtain flash. Enjoy!

Best Regards ,

Punkitubella 🙂


2 Responses to “COLOR DOLOR”

  1. keren, bella 🙂
    itu pas komnite kemarin ya??

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