Perception Conception Conclusion

World, wide and bold. I think this, you think that. I say those, you say these. Perception. The number one free right human has for sure. I perhaps can attract action, increase awareness, but not control others thought of me. Knowing this fact I never care to what others interpret of my actions. Well-known quotation once said that do what you love, love what you do. Thereby, I stand still in my shoes. Mainstream is for they who still think that falling stars may grant wishes. Old and vintage. Nice in me side,

can possibly be ‘nah’ in your side, however, do I care? No.

Conception. The act of which may take place at any time among human beings. I’m absolutely not talking about sperm meet ovary in this term. Moreover, it’s a process to think conceptually. When you can get what you set, won’t it be satisfying more. will it?

Conclusion. For you. This is just another blah blah blah, words vomit in the dawn to morning. The end is for you. Yes, you can sum it up, you’re smart, not idiot like me. šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Perception Conception Conclusion”

  1. lolipopsuper Says:

    Be opinionated is good, but make sure no emotion is attached, jd argumen2 lo bs diterima dgn jelas

  2. angelou.:) Says:

    your cool!!

  3. Interprete Traducteur…

    […]Perception Conception Conclusion « .: think.take.tell :.[…]…

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