Dream is the soul of living.

Dream is the power of living.

Dream is the spirit of living.

To dream is to live.


Well, this posting is a special post to show you how powerful dreams are. First of all, my huge apologize for not using my own photo in this post. However, I hope you who read this can be blessed and motivated.  🙂

My major is communication with advertising as the minor. Having fact of this, in order to support the future of where advertising people should be, a deal of an internship is a must thing. Well, lots of choices are opened when one decided to get involved in this circle, whether being in account / client service, media side, or like what I loved, creative based. Furthermore, these people are working in fun yet stressful places named agencies. I believe that everyone wants the best in their living, includes for the working place. In fact, in Indonesia, there are many advertising agencies exist, but, there are also some places that called bests. Anyway, I believe that the term is used to differ one another, to make level, to show power, big deal, but not that essential though. Me, myself, who like I’ve told you before, love the creative work, and dream to get involved in one of great agencies existed in Indonesia. I dream of it everyday, every single day, and I always give my best in anything relates to the creative working, for instance, in my college tasks, lecturers, and so on. Anyway, speaking of which, I finally have my wish granted. I got an offer for an internship from my copywriting class, and it was because of this blog. Surprisingly, eh? I got the best digital (blog) in Kopi Kok Ditulis Award held by my uber cool lecturers.

Some of great advertising agencies await for this chance I got. Pleased indeed. Furthermore, some days after the end of my previous semester, I heard a great news from a friend of mine that, my favorite creative man will come to campus and share his knowledge in this creative industry. Mr.Anton Jaya. He is the man who created Lifebuoy campaign “you eat what you touch” that won the award in Cannes Festival, the ultra well-known Untung Beliung Britama, and also some other cool campaigns. In that chill gleam meeting, he gave me a homework so as to be considered as an internship in his office, Lowe. Wow, another great opportunity I had. What amazed me more, few days after it, when I was so busy that forgot to do the task he gave, he suddenly gave me a ring and asked me to directly be internship with him. WOW. UBER WOW since he’s my favorite creative man, and being internship with him in such big agency are my dreams too. See, DREAM WILL NEVER BE SO MEANINGLESS.

Ah, I’ve told you in my previous post, I hate making decision, but I have to. Well, even though all of those internship chances are so worth and meant to me, I decided to push them away, well, postponed to be exact. The decision I made is the one came from my deepest heart. Besides, another dream of mine is waiting. Director of Photography. Yes, I delayed them all because of the movie project I am doing right now, Children Of Dream.

Being a director of photography in a movie project is a very enormous dream of mine. So, I will concentrate on this for sure. To dream is to live. Yes, I’ve proven it. My dreams are granted one by one. We don’t know how, from whom, where, when, it will just happen, He will just make it happen. 🙂 So wish me luck in this movie project I’m making. Okay! 😀

Another more spoiler of this dreaming thing :

Since I was in the high school, I already fell in love with a huge country named China. I love its culture, its tradition, its people, especially their way of seeing the world. Due to my interest, I promised my self of stepping the land of China with my own bare feet once in my lifetime. Guys, dream will never fail you, God will never let you down. This June, 21st, I am going there. China. The land of what my dream is, the land of my heart-beat, the land I love. 🙂

See you, Zhong Guo.



2 Responses to “DREAM”

  1. very good post.thanks.

  2. So are you going to China this year? supperrr cooolll!!!!! Congratz. lemme know how great China is through your posts. oleh2 yawwww, LOL. miss u dear :*

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