Life is like an analogy. – Aaron Allston

You and I.  We also are.

In a style of speech we know that sometime to make things alive we forcefully blow breath to them, personification it says. However, it merely will be happened, a condition that the situation mentioned above become vice versa. What if the oxygen in our bodies forcefully sucked and taken till we become no more than a motionless thing? Static? True. Silent? Indeed. Inspiring? No doubt. Eh? Why so? Whether we realize or not, character lies in every particles, every molecules,  every elements exist in this whole world. Similarity is common sense. Thus, there is the term called analogy.

Here, six youths, with their own characters, their own ambitions, their own dreams, telling the people of their analogies. Six youths with their own analogies, characters that stick within them, values that will lead them to what so called existence.
Being themselves no matter what they are, no matter what people will think of them, no matter what will the world say, as long as they enjoy it, then they just do.



p.s. in case you cannot access the video, kindly directly go to the original link below 🙂




Directors :
Chyntia Monica Fabella
Diana Patricia
Febi Purnamasari
Griya Ratri Putri
Muhammad Ashim
Yosi Winosa

Director of Photography:
Chyntia Monica Fabella

Property Set:
Muhammad Ashim

Chyntia Monica Fabella


Behind the scene:

This video was shot on Monday, 27 December 2010. The idea was stated few weeks before. Highlight please, rough idea, means no story line, no script, no details set. Taking place in our campus, University of Indonesia, we kicked off the shooting at early noon and wrapped it up before the sun gone. That was a real quick shooting time. Thanks God for the natural talent of each casts for improving the script so as to build the conflict. Then the process continued to the editing files. Five laptops of us were unavailable to do the editing, contained the problems in both memory available and the data reading ability. So, we called 911, yes, the cop in this special thing. Master Adhirespati, our superb video editor in town. We asked him to lend his laptop to us. Thanks God, the final exam storm was already over for him so we could use his laptop. Than, with the ordinary skill of editing, we tried to make this video be done. The craziest fact was the uploading process of the video above took approximately 11 hours, yes, longer that the shooting process itself. LOL. But, that’s not a big deal. So here it is now. All of our gratitude greetings are applied within the credit. May you all enjoy!

In the end, life is too short, so why not making it fun, at least for the sake of ourselves, isn’t it? 🙂

So, what’s your analogy?



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