Surreptitious Meleagris

Q: What is the most stupid animal in the world?

A: It must be the domestic turkey. Some have been known to drown in a heavy rain shower because they didn’t realize that it would be dry and safe inside their hutches! Others are so brainless that they can’t even remember how to eat, and must be fed by the farmer.

Not willing to stride God’s word by giving animal as human’s metaphor, Lord has mercy on me if so, but whether we consciously admit or not, the “domestic turkey” does exist. Close to me, yes you too. They, in fact, are not that moron however with the consistence of Tetanic torticollar spasms molecules jerking in their bodies they become harmless. What harmless does not kill? Disagree on that. What harmless kicks you in the head, rapes you, then makes you be perished in a very smooth way, self-pleasure. This will happen due to the fact that the identity for not being looked-out of has been sticking for perhaps last long in your spinal cord adhering to its cauda equina. Me, myself recently was kicked by this brainless turkey, hurt it was, but still, it is the most stupid animal in the world. It would be dry and safe at home but it chose not to be home. No need to wonder if starting from today to no-when the farmer won’t fed it again. Harmless, neglected, and moron. Those are pretty fair for they who play with other’s portion. When it’s so clear who is the farmer and who is the fowl never even once thinking to grab his plow. 🙂

p.s. The tales of jackal wearing soft neat fur is totally ancient, the jackal’s wearing nothing now then show human that he’s no longer jackal but jackass.

Here dude, last tidbit from the farmer, eat this, taste great, both of my middle fingers. 🙂

What is the most stupid animal in the world?



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