It’s 25. The last month of the year. The day which people love the most. The moment of sharing and caring. A celebration of the King’s bday. The time when lotta parties are thrown. But, here I am. In a coffee shop, sitting while sipping my Tiramisu Blend (Oh, the cream tastes great), and wandering my mind to those memories of Christmas I had back there. At this day, I got no kiss, no gifts, no tidbits, no the whole day hugging with me folks and sis, no cute jolly things to remember. Sigh. So sad, so bad. Well, choice comes with consequences. So, not willing to do the melancholic stuffs but hell yeah I miss those colorful Christmas instead the monochrome I’m having now.

Note to self: You have to get used to it, Fabella. If it should be black and white, don’t be sorrow, just prepare for the snow. 🙂



3 Responses to “2512”

  1. Dear Bella atau Fabella–kayanya dipanggil apa aja namamu tetep bagus ya :P, merry Christmas ya.
    Hope this year’s christmas bring lots of joy for u and family… Ciao!

  2. […] Last year, this time, I wrote this Christmas reflection. […]

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