Impulsiveness Matters

Everyone live close to me must realize that my impulsiveness is my strength. Being spontaneous, being easy going, sometimes even being ‘cheap’ of any thing, place, or perhaps one, haha, never mind, so basically it’s for any kind of stuff exist. Some might ask, ‘Why being impulsive?’ Well, for me it’s a matter of fulfilling the enormous amount of curiosities I have on my mind. A dream is the long term form of achievement, but a curiosity is the vice versa condition, however, both still need to be completed. You can be someone with a super neat planning and management, whom I put my hat off to these kinda people, but you’ll realize that however neat your planning is, life is still a bitch. I once read a book by Peter McWilliams titled “Do It!” and found this piece there

Why aren’t we living our dreams?

Because there is something we are trained to honor more than our dreams: the comfort zone. The comfort zone is all the things we have done often enough to feel comfortable doing again.

I admit that being comfortable is bliss, but it’s not an excuse of avoiding attempting something new. How could you know whether you’re comfortable with it if you’ve never know what ‘it’ actually is.

Today, actually I’d like to put my ass on a bus seat to Bandung, just to wander my mind and self of, umm, i actually don’t know yet of what, but there must be something there, but I was overslept, haha, so, I asked my buddy, Frangky to visit this mall in Depok I’ve rarely been to, D Mall. Yap yap, it’s a mall, abbreviation of mass-less I guess. Hahaha. Yeah, too bad actually why this store with its rejuvenated concept gets small reception from the public. Moreover, back to the impulse issue, I randomly point a destination to this coffee shop I’ve never known its name before, well, it’s not a big deal giving a shot to this one. When we entered , voila! turned out it’s a super comfy place to hang. Its interior is such an mixture of modern and classic with Persian touch in its hookah decoration. I tried the Jamaican Espresso and it did taste nice, the rum neutralize the bitter of the double coffee. For the meal, I picked Chicken Cheese, wow, the combination of the steak and the pasta is yummy. Most of it, the wi-fi connection is quite rapid, plus the taste of music they were playing was relaxing. See, I’ve never known if I’ll feel this comfortable before I stepped my feet here, and that’s with no plan at all, ah yeah, just some pennies prepared but still I haven’t known where those pennies will be handed. See, if you want life to surprise you, start trying to surprise yourself first, one of the ways is…by being impulsive. 🙂

So anyway, I do recommend you guys to try Delysh Coffee Shop in D Mall Depok. Nice place to  hang or even alienate yourself. Ah, here we are, been a long time not being narcissistic. Haha. Cheers! 🙂


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