About Me

Hey..I am just a photographer who want to share you some stories I have of my photographs..Why think-take-tell?Cause that’s the way I use in my photography’s style..it’s kinda non-sense if we just aim and shoot something,..there must be a story of every images we have..so here they are. I’m not a trained one, I’m far from professional, but I’ll keep learning and discovering lotta stuffs. Enjoy! 🙂

Name: Bella Panggabean

DOB: 250191

Occupation:  Freelance Photographer and Cinematographer, Everybody’s number one stalker

Tools of the work: Heart mostly 😀

and also

(*) My beloved husband MIKA ELOGIA (Canon D-SLR EOS 40D +18-55mm(lost 😦 ) + 50mm f1.8 + USM 75-300mm + EF-S 18-200mm )

MIKA ELOGIA  —> MIKA =My Incredible Kamera ; ELOGIA = diambil dari bahasa Ibrani dan merupakan pemberian dari seorang pendeta yang berarti barang berharga yang sangat disayangi..that’s why..I love him so much.

(*) My love affair Jordan Marco, Canon D-SLR EOS 5D MK II + 24-70mm + 70-200mm

(*) Canon Speedlite 580EX E-TTL II

(*) My toy camera named VIVITAR Camera (googling or flickr-ing for further info) and Disderi Robo III

(*) All other cameras (both digicam and mobile cameras)

(*) Adobe Photoshop CS 5

(*) Adobe Premiere Pro

Catch me :

My gallery in Deviantart

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4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. pelangiituaku Says:

    bela!!!!akhirnya kumenemukan blog kamuuhh..
    hehehe^^bagus lho isinya..
    semangat iah!!!

    mampir ke blog kuuhh, jangan lupa kasih comment juga iah..



  2. Eddie Soedjarwo Says:

    mbak Bella, btw aku suka ama karya2mu… kalo mampir surabaya bisa hubungi aku ya buat taking foto ditempat kerjaku (pub & resturant) sekaligus buat nambah koleksi.. hehe.. serius mbak..

    kontak aku ya.. 081332188830 (Eddie aka KangJarwo)


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